Cartoon HD is a well-liked movie/tv show streaming app for Android and iOS devices. The app was taken down from Google Play and also from the main official site. Luckily, users will still be capable to install Cartoon HD to their Android devices with the them.APK file. The procedure is called ‘side-loading’ and it essentially means to manually install the app (typically an app is installed by downloading it through the app store).


The app becomes really well-liked with users obtaining free access to entire movies as well as TV shows that are shown on the app. There is no paid content as such, with users watching anything of their own free will, offered it is available. That also is not a noteworthy problem as the CartoonHD library curate a set of entire the movies and the TV shows that are trendy or had gone viral. From the epic Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, everything is obtainable.

Cartoon HD app is an independent films app as well as it offers everything in the fields of movies as well as kids’ cartoons. Other apps are there like Showbox as well as Moviebox but, they put up only films as well as few of the Television shows. Cartoons HD app offers entire genres of the entertainment. The pictures will update very frequently as well as it has lots of content in it. But sometimes it stops functioning regarding offering stuff. But no worries, it happens very rarely.

 Cartoon HD Features

  • CartoonHD comes with an embedded cloud accelerator as well as it even has an advanced video compression technique. The advanced video compression method makes sure that the videos that you stream online do not freeze as well as you obtain the best output even on a slow internet connection. The cloud accelerator makes high quality (HD or full HD) videos run without any stutters or crashes and provides the best possible quality audio and video output.
  • CartoonHD is at no cost from microtransactions. Entire you require to do just download the CartoonHD APK file online and install it on your phone. You also require not register on the app/website.
  • The collection that CartoonHD has is huge. There are over 50,000 movies as well as television series that range from several genres like – action, comedy, drama horror and thriller. Popular television series like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones as well as Narcos can also be found here. So, CartoonHD is like a heaven for entire those binge watchers out there.


How To Download ?

You can easily install the popular streaming app, Cartoon HD, onto your Android devices. The settings information might vary per device but overall the tutorial should work for all supported Android phones/tablets.

                                                                         Enable ‘Unknown Sources’

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Enable ‘Unknown sources’ – (this will allow you to install third-party applications)

Download and Install Cartoon HD

  1. Open the browser on your Android device as well as download the .APK file.
  2. After the file is done download, open it to install it.